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We use an evidence-based approach to new patient acquisition marketing.

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We handle every aspect of online marketing for the physio team

Physio Leads simply implements effective online marketing strategies for physios.

We can use your existing website or design a new one for you from scratch. We pride ourselves on handling everything.

Getting started with a Physio Leads marketing plan is easy. Simply select a monthly budget and we'll provide a steady stream of new patient enquiries for your practice.

We've years of experience in succesfully delivering marketing projects for physiotherapist practices of all types and sizes.

We offer the complete package, including logo design, branding, web design, photography, hosting, email - all with transparent pricing on our website.

As we specialise in physio marketing, we also know what’s needed to get all your communications completely compliant with GDPR and the CSP.

Your Physio Leads Account

Regular, high-quality new patient enquiries for physios and other healthcare services through smart online marketing. Log-in to your Physio Leads account to track website traffic and lead volumes.

Simply choose a plan to get started.

Compliant with GDPR and healthcare marketing guidelines:

Some marketing guidelines you may not know:

  • You should make clear whether your practice is NHS, mixed or completely private.
  • Avoid any claims likely to create an unjustified expectation about the results you can achieve.
  • You should back up claims with facts or evidence.
  • If you promote your services via social media you should make clear that the treatment advertised may not be appropriate for every patient and is conditional on a thorough assessment.
  • You should keep your website up to date so that it accurately reflects the personnel at your practice and the services offered.
  • Do not display information comparing the skills or qualifications of any healthcare professional with the skills and qualifications of other healthcare professionals.

Projects & Customers

We work with all kinds of healthcare providers - we started with dental marketing and now work with all kinds of physios, sports injury clinics, massage therapists, chiropractors and podiatrists. Our online marketing services are effective for practices big and small.

As we specialise in healthcare marketing, we know what’s needed to ensure your advertising is completely compliant with the GDPR and we're used to working to tight industry regulations.


Company Timeline

Company Formation
Providing marketing consultancy services into a range of sectors.
Getting Serious
We're busy delivering online/offline marketing projects for big businesses and household brands.
Healthcare Marketing
We start work for our first healthcare clients. We provide more effective services due to an evidence-based approach to new patient marketing.
We develop our experience working with healthcare providers, learn the acronyms and understand the particular problems they face.
Physio Leads
We launch Physio Leads, a service designed to make deploying the latest and best tools in online marketing completely seamless for physios, chirpopractors and other healthcare providers.

Physio Leads makes it easy for physios, chiropractors and other healthcare providers to implement a digital marketing strategy.

Our plans include everything you need - pay-per-click, search optimisation and social media marketing.

Getting started is easy:

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