Social Media Marketing

Leverage social data to create micro-targeted ads.

Social media marketing has become a key element in the marketing mix over recent years, with brands leveraging Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to increase the reach of their online presence and build a rapport with their customers and prospects.

Social media advertising allows the creation of truly relevant and engaging micro targeted ads and the potential for the your content to be shared between users.

Paid social advertising is ideal for phyios who want to increase their visibility by reaching potential patients with your practice's voice and personality.

Online Marketing Toolset

The science of online marketing is in generating the most enquiries for each pound spent. There are some incredibly sophisticated tools designed to do just this.

We're experts in putting these tools to use, setting their algorithms to work and balancing the budget allocated to each one. The lessons we learn from one client are harnessed in our work for all our other clients. For example, we know:

  • The Google search that is most likely to result in a physio enquiry.
  • The day of the week it's most effective to advertise sports massage.
  • How many additional enquiries you could expect if you added a prominent, clickable phone number to the mobile version of your website.

Put our expertise to work for your practice.

Choose a Physio Marketing Plan

Google Adwords
Place pay-per-click advertising on Google searches by keyword, limited by location.

Bing Ads
Pay-per-click ads for Bing searches - often at a lower cost than Google.

Facebook Pixel
Prospecting tool to target ads by audience interests and demographic.

Instagrams Ads
Share your story amongst a highly engaged audience.

Retarget site visitors using machine learning to suggest your services to high-probability customers.

A/B testing tool suite - marketing experiments to compare the number of enquiries generated by variations in a webpage.

Create customer confidence - Get great reviews by making it easy for customers to leave them.

Google Local
Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimising’ your online presence to attract customers from relevant local searches.

Projects & Customers

We work with all kinds of healthcare providers - we started with dental marketing and now work with all kinds of physios, sports injury clinics, massage therapists, chiropractors and podiatrists. Our online marketing services are effective for practices big and small.

As we specialise in healthcare marketing, we know what’s needed to ensure your advertising is completely compliant with the GDPR and we're used to working to tight industry regulations.

Physio Leads makes it easy for physios, chiropractors and other healthcare providers to implement a digital marketing strategy.

Our plans include everything you need - pay-per-click, search optimisation and social media marketing.

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